ISHC UPDATE: July 2018

As we begin our collaboration, with Indiana University to help us administer the ISHC beginning in the Fall 2018 we are reviewing, revising and improving our systems, documents and procedures.

The Surveys: We will have two versions of the survey: Middle and Upper. Both Day and Boarding schools will take the same Upper school survey. We have made a few improvements in the wording of some of the questions. We invite you to scroll through the sample surveys.

Here are the links to the surveys:

Middle School Link: Click here for Middle School survey

Upper School Link: Click here for Upper School survey

We welcome your thoughts and reactions.

Registration form: We are now accepting registrations for the 2018-19 academic year. The registration form is attached. Once you complete it and return it to us we can send you a contract for services and secure your date with Indiana University.

OUR NEW REPORT will include three reports in one! We are benefiting from the survey expertise at the Center for Survey Research at Indiana University. They have helped us to streamline our previous separate reports into one document that will be easier to read and more cost efficient for you. The Aggregate Responses, The Data Summary Report , The Supplemental Database Report (side by side comparison of school responses with the ISHC National database), and conclusions (commendations and areas for review) from the Comprehensive Report will be integrated into one document, The Standard ISHC Report.

Standard ISHC Survey Report

Standard Survey Report*will include: Aggregate responses will be cross tabulated by gender and grade and compared to the ISHC National Database, composite scores (school connection, motivation, parental engagement, drinking, academic motivation), conclusions citing significant deviations from the ISHC National Database, and the administrative protocol.

*Each school may add up to five of their own unique questions to the end of the survey.

A sample question below demonstrates the format you may expect to receive for each question:

Cross Tabulation by Gender

*new category for 2018 survey, not included in national data

**previous category, not used in 2018 survey

Cross Tabulation by Grade


ISHC Standard Report $3,000

Optional Reports:

Year to Year Survey Analysis $275.00/hr

Customized Reports $275.00/hr

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Independent School Health Check Examines Teen Support Systems.

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