ISHC Update January 2019

Dear ISHC Schools,

Effective February 2019, we will begin the Winter/Spring session (2/5-5/17) of surveys in your schools. We are offering one Standard ISHC Report ($3000), a comprehensive document with charts and graphs for every question, and breaking down all of your answers by grade, gender and with comparison to our ISHC National Database. To give you a preview, your results will also be presented in 8 categories:

  • Health and Exercise
  • Homework time / Multitasking
  • School Life (grades, motivation, school climate)
  • Computer Use/High Risk Internet Behavior
  • Social Life
  • Community and Parental Involvement
  • Drugs/Alcohol Use (High risk Behavior)
  • Mental Health and Ability to Ask for Help

Attached to this message is the ISHC Registration form for you to complete and return to us so we can secure your date of choice on our survey schedule.

The schools that surveyed in the Fall 2018 will receive their survey reports at the end of this month. We regret the delay in reporting back to those of you who surveyed this fall, but it has taken special attention and expertise on the part of Indiana University’s Center for Survey Research and us to redesign, program and test the accuracy of the reports. We sincerely hope that you will think the product is well worth waiting for! Now that all of the upfront work is done, the return time for the Winter/Spring schools’ reports will be within a month of the survey dates. We look forward to your reactions to our new reporting format.


Peter and Rosemary