HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? There’s No Extra Credit at Work

There’s No Extra Credit at Work
by Lisa Damour

New York Times February 10, 2019

Opinion | Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office

This article talks about how schools may encourage an imbalance in confidence building in boys and competency building in girls that puts girls in a disadvantaged position in the competitive workplace. It stimulates us to think about what learning behaviors we reward in our students and to question why.
Although we don’t ask questions that directly address confidence in the ISHC survey, we have selected questions related to this topic that demonstrate gender differences as expressed by the students in the ISHC National Database.

Note: M=Male, F=Female, > greater than.

Spend more than 2 hrs on school work out of class F>M

More than 7 hours sleep M>F

Motivated to satisfy self F>M

Motivated to satisfy parents M>F

Received diagnosis of Anxiety F>M

Cheat on tests and quizzes M>F

Academic pressure from parents same

Academic pressure from teachers F>M

Academic pressure from self F>M

Feeling sad and hopeless for more than 2 weeks F>M

The males exceed the females in only three areas: sleep, cheating and parental motivation. These differences are not in any way conclusive but they may encourage dialogue with your faculty and students.