HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? Let Children Get Bored Again

Let Children Get Bored Again
by Pamela Paul

There are so many sentences we wish to quote in this article:

“The ability to handle boredom, not surprisingly, is correlated with the ability to focus and to self-regulate.”

“It’s especially important that kids get bored – and be allowed to stay bored – when they are young.”

“Nowadays, subjecting a child to such inactivity is viewed as a dereliction of parental duty.”

“Because there is nothing better to spur creativity than a blank page or an empty bedroom.” Lin-Manual Miranda

Here are some related stats from the ISHC National Database: It makes one wonder if our students have downtime or have experienced boredom. It might be good to ask them that?

After school hours do you have time to read for pleasure | None 74.5%

While I am doing my homework I

  • Listen to music – 69.4%
  • Text – 43.8%
  • On the social network – 40.6%
  • Instant message – 29.2%
  • Access the internet – 89.8%
  • Talk on cell phone – 12.8%
  • Watch movies – 19%