HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? February 2020

Yale Led Team Finds Parents Can Curb Teen Drinking and Driving

Here’s the link: Yale-led team finds parents can curb teen drinking and driving

This article reveals the protective factor that parental influence can have on shaping adolescents’ behaviors regarding drinking and driving. This is topic that we address in the ISHC Survey. Please look at the following summary data from our ISHC National Database. It supports the findings in this research and encourages parents to stay connected to their teenagers with good results.

A look at our database shows that if parents give permission to drink outside of the house, it is correlated with increased DWI.

Students with parental permission to drink

DWI one or more times in last 30 days: Yes 93% No 7%

The ISHC also asks students if they believe that their parents call ahead when they attend parties to check if there will be adult supervision.

When comparing the students’ perceptions of “yes they call” or” no they don’t call” the difference in their reported frequencies of high risk behaviors in the last 30days is instructive.

This speaks for itself. We encourage you to compare your survey results to the above and share them with your school community.